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Round 9 - 19/09/19

Gympie Goons v Spartans                               Duty - James Nash              Ref - Colleen
Incredibles v Jaguars                                       Duty - Can you dig it             Ref - Byannkah

Setting Ducks v James Nash                           Duty - Hookers                     Ref - Neil
Can you dig it v C Grade                                  Duty - Staminadors              Ref – Natalie

Boom v Hookers                                              Duty - Setting Ducks             Ref - Reuben
Staminadors v Russell's Sprouts                      Duty - One Hit Wonders       Ref - Ross

Gympie High v Mitre 10                                   Duty - Downey Dingoes       Ref - Matthew
Family Ties v One Hit Wonders                        Duty - Russell's Sprouts       Ref - Russell

Downey Dingoes v Curra Stealers                   Duty - Family Ties                Ref - Colleen
Dropkicks v Sugar and Spike                           Duty - Gympie High              Ref - Wayde

Bye - Hit That



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