The open competition is held on a Thursday night at Southside Pavilion. Games this season, 2017 Season 2, run for 50 minutes with a starting time of 6:00PM, 6:50PM, 7:40PM, 8:30 and 9:20PM. Games are spread across these times to be as fair as possible to all teams.


You can find out when you play by looking at the draw, Open Competition Draw


The open competition is open to all players; male or female, beginner or at a representative level. To cater for players of different abilities and desires, the open competition is comprised of three grades.

A Grade is generally more for those looking for a higher standard of volleyball.

B Grade is for the intermediate players but still has he social side.

C Grade is for new players and has more of a social atmosphere.


Before a season starts players are put into the appropriate grade based on previous or demonstrated skills on the first or second week just before the competition fully starts. This is also a time where team numbers are confirmed so the usual teams are rostered a time slot. However, we are always looking for more players and will do our best to find a team for you!

  • Adult: Registration is $40 per season or $70 for the year.
    • Court costs are $5 per game.
  • High School Student: Registration is $20 per season or $35 for the year*1.
    • *1 If involved in nationals it costs $35 for the first season and then $20 for the second season unless full year registration is paid which then the $5 discount is applied to bring it down to $50.
    • Court cost are $3 per game.

 Registration covers both the Open and Women's competition. We are the one club and do not register the same person twice.

Venue 1 - Pavilion, Southside. (77 Exhibition Rd, Southside)


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